The Art of Kuk Sool

Kuk Sool is a comprehensive study of the traditional martial arts of Korea. It covers a wide range of techniques, including kicking, hand strikes, joint locking, pressure point strikes, grappling, and throwing. Students also learn methods of falling and blocking to protect their bodies from harm. At higher levels, traditional weapons are taught, including staff, sword, cane, rope, fan, spear, and bow & arrow (archery).

While many martial arts styles are limited in the type of techniques they teach, Kuk Sool is dynamic and adaptive. Kuk Sool uses both hard strikes and soft flowing movements. Both linear and circular motions are employed. Kuk Sool teaches techniques that can help you in a combat situation whether your opponent is big or small, close or far away. It teaches you how to defend yourself whether you are standing, sitting, lying down, armed or unarmed. You will learn techniques you can use regardless of circumstance.

For an extensive listing of material covered in Kuk Sool, see the World Kuk Sool Association's "What is Kuk Sool Won?" page.

The Benefits of Kuk Sool

Martial arts training has benefits beyond just self-defense. The exercises and postures are designed to work all major parts of the body. We build strength, endurance, and cardiovascular capacity through vigorous workouts. Kuk Sool practitioners see an increase in agility, flexibility, coordination, and energy, as well as a decrease in fatigue and stress. Over time, training in Kuk Sool also helps to instill self-confidence and self-discipline. Kuk Sool can help you live a longer, more productive, and fulfilling life.

The Traditions of Kuk Sool

In addition to being a self-defense system, Kuk Sool is a traditional cultural art. To keep connected to the traditions of martial arts, students learn about the cultural context in which these arts developed. Kuk Sool practitioners learn ancient customs of discipline and etiquette.

We also teach other aspects beyond self-defense. Students learn meditation, breathing, and concentration techniques. Philosophically, Kuk Sool stresses humility, control, loyalty, respect for others, and the development of an indomitable spirit. We believe that martial arts training is about more than just fighting; it's about striving to become a better person.

Video Overview of Kuk Sool

This video provides an introduction to Kuk Sool Won ™, describes how Kuk Sool is different from other martial arts, and explains the benefits of martial arts training:

This video produced by a Kuk Sool Won ™ school in another city provides an alternate overview:

The World Kuk Sool Association

We are part of the World Kuk Sool Association ™. There are affiliated schools throughout the Americas, Korea, Europe, and many other parts of the world.

The association was founded in 1961 by our Grandmaster, In Hyuk Suh, with the purpose of spreading the traditional martial arts of Korea to all people. His grandfather and first teacher, Myung Deuk Suh, was the last of sixteen generations of instructors of the Korean Royal Court Army. In 1974, Grandmaster Suh came to America, and currently teaches at the World Kuk Sool Headquarters outside Houston, TX.

The association holds several tournaments each year. Each summer, the Grandmaster travels throughout the U.S. with several Masters, giving seminars at different Kuk Sool schools. This provides students with unique learning opportunities not offered by most martial arts organizations.

For more information on the World Kuk Sool Association ™ and Kuk Sool Won ™ in general, visit the association's web site: